Woods, Hills & Tracks Ltd

(Charity No 1050270)

Founder/ Chairman Janet Randell

Opening up New Challenges in Rural Settings

for People with all types of Disabilities

  1.     Dance therapy

  2.     Movement challenges

  3.     Rural access for people with all types of disabilities

  4.     Garden visits

About Woods, Hills & Tracks

‘Serving disadvantaged people through therapeutic, environmental and rural amenities including wheelchair access, workshops and retreats.’

Woods, Hills & Tracks is a small charitable trust for disabled people and those with Special Needs, which aims to serve the needs of the disadvantaged in the community. One of the  objectives of the charity is to provide outdoor dance and movement projects in a rural setting. Another is to give disabled people the opportunity to explore the countryside, an activity often denied to them, especially if they are wheelchair users or are visually impaired. To date, the charity has been involved with opening up further rural access for the disabled in partnership with various sites in the West Midlands and Wales, for example Lake Vyrnwy.

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The Woodhill Site has been enjoyed over the years by individuals and many garden organisations and groups including the Oswestry Access Group, Dolywern Cheshire Homes, students from the Derwen College for the disabled and members of the local Prospects branch, a Christian organisation which supports people with learning disabilities and offers spiritual ministry.

Activities include movement therapy, outdoor horticultural dance and indoor dance animation projects for Special Needs as a form of artistic expression, using the software DanceForms led by Janet Randell, International Choreographer / Animator and Founder of Woods, Hills & Tracks. Another initiative is the Woodhill Wildlife Watch.